Yemen, US-Backed Saudi War

Yemen Genocide About Oil Control

It has little to do with any Shi’ite versus Wahhabite Sunni conflict. Rather it has to do with strategic control of world energy. So long as Saana was in control of a Saudi proxy, whether Saleh or then Hadi, it was a secondary priority for Washington. The oil was “safe,” even if the Yemen government had expropriated the US company oil properties. Once a determined independent Houthi Zaidi force was in control of Yemen or a major part, the threat became serious enough to give the eager new Saudi Defense Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman the green light to begin the war. That Houthi-controlled Yemen would be potential client for Russian or Chinese oil companies to open up serious exploration of the potentials. That combined with the fact that the Houthi also had friendly relations with Iran clearly set off red lights in the Obama Administration.
There is far more at stake in Yemen than we are being told.

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Sergey Brin (Google) - MBS

Google’s Saudi Ties

A representative for Human Rights Watch argued that “Mr. Schmidt has a clear moral obligation to feature the plight of Raif Badawi and other Saudi bloggers and call on Saudi authorities to release him unconditionally and without delay.” However, there is no record that Schmidt addressed free speech or human rights issues during his speech, and Google did not respond to press inquiries regarding Badawi ahead of the speech.

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