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Syria Douma Staged Chemical Attack

BBC Producer Says Syria Douma Gas Attack Footage “Was Staged”

Well-known BBC Syria producer Riam Dalati shocked his nearly 20,000 twitter followers by stating that after a “six-month investigation” he has concluded, “I can prove without a doubt that the Douma Hospital scene was staged.”

10 reasons the Gilets Jaunes are the real deal

Recession. Revolution. Recovery.

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Recession. Revolution. Recovery.

“The biggest consequence of central bank and government policy following the financial crisis of ten years ago was that the already rich and powerful became even wealthier and more powerful. As state-sponsored inequality boomed, significant portions of the global population finally realized the whole thing is a rigged sham, and populist movements swept the globe.
All of this political energy is a direct consequence of central bank policy, entrenched oligarchy and government corruption. We’re now at the point where significant percentages of the population in countries around the world want to metaphorically burn the whole thing down. Once the economic cycle kicks in and joins the political cycle already underway, then you’ll see the real fireworks.”

The Profitless Prosperity Sector Will Collapse…

Wall Street’s Corruption Runs Deeper Than You Can Fathom

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Jeff Bezos Protests the Invasion of His Privacy, as Amazon Builds a Sprawling Surveillance State for Everyone Else

THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER HAS engaged in behavior so lowly and unscrupulous that it created a seemingly impossible storyline: the world’s richest billionaire and a notorious labor abuser, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, as a sympathetic victim.

“Macron, President of the Super Rich”. How Macron become President to make the ruling elites richer by taking money from the middle class and the poor.

This interview with Monique Pincon-Charlot about her latest book, already out now "Le Président des ultra-riches" (President of the super rich) is about how Macron was put by the elites (who also own the media thus the President sold to the French people by the media) to be the French President to do the dirty work for the ruling elites, by giving them fiscal gift, no or lower tax at the expense of the majority of the French citizens, putting austerity plan by reducing budget for health, education, unemployment, etc while cutting tax for the riches.

Thus, rise up French citizens before your children grow up homeless and become slaves of the ruling elites! This corrupt political practice and social injustice happen not only in France but also are happening now in US, UK, Indonesia, etc. It is up to the people to educate themselves and then fight for their rights and liberties!

A Coup in Progress? Trump Moves to Oust Maduro & Install Pro-U.S. Leader in Oil-Rich Venezuela

Martin Luther King Documentary: “When Silence Becomes Betrayal”

On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the revolutionary Martin Luther King Jr., join us for a screening of a new documentary on MLK’s opposition to the Vietnam War, based on King’s April 30th, 1967 speech.

Brilliant & Powerful, Must Watch: Chris Hedges on the Ruleless-ness Tearing Our World Apart

Inside America’s Meddling Machine: The US Funded Group that Interferes in Elections Around the Globe