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The New York Times Supporting US-Backed Coups

The New York Times’ Long History of Endorsing US-Backed Coups

To be sure, the New York Times is not the only major media outlet guilty of reflexively supporting every U.S. action around the world. The Economist and the Washington Post both came out to support the coup in Bolivia, as they had done before with Venezuela. But the Times’ position as “the paper of record” sets it apart in terms of importance.
This position makes it a crucial weapon in the propaganda war waged on the American people in order to manufacture consent for regime change abroad.

The Revolution Isn’t Being Televised

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The Fed Is Lying To Us

Things are now serious. Here in late 2019, both the Federal Reserve and the ECB are now both easing again – or back to ‘fraudulent money printing’. A fraud is meant to deceive while removing something of value from one or more parties.
When printing money, the central banks say they are doing it to protect the economy, jobs and the financial system.
But what’s actually happening is that wealth is flowing like a raging river towards a select few individuals and corporations.
It’s critical to understand that the central banks cannot print up prosperity. All they can do, being redistributive organizations, is take purchasing power away from one side and hand it to another. So the key question to be asking now is: Who’s winning and who’s losing? Well, here in the US, we already know that it’s the tippy-top 0.1% that is doing almost all of the ‘winning.’ The next 0.9% are doing pretty well, too. But by the time we get just slightly below the top 10%, we run out of “winners”.

Ecuador – and the IMF’s Killing Spree

America’s Grotesque Inequality Can Only End One Way

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U.N. Issues Climate Report We Can’t Afford to Ignore

An alarming United Nations report released Tuesday said global temperatures are on track to rise as much as 3.9°C by the end of the century, meaning only drastic and unprecedented emissions reductions can stave off the most devastating consequences of the climate crisis.
“We need to catch up on the years in which we procrastinated,” Anderson said. “If we don’t do this, the 1.5°C goal will be out of reach before 2030.”
“Failure to heed these warnings and take drastic action to reverse emissions means we will continue to witness deadly and catastrophic heatwaves, storms, and pollution.”

Don’t Just Give Thanks. Pay Your Blessings Forward

Death by Oligarchy

No American Should Stand for the Way We Wage War

‘The Spy’ : Netflix’s Mossad Propaganda

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Homeless person in Jakarta, no social justice and abandoned by the Indonesian Government and society.

Abandoning Jakarta, Moving Capital to Borneo – Cynicism, Corruption, Murder

“Jakarta is a capital city that is literally sinking. Under the weight of pollution and rising sea levels, Indonesia’s government has decided to simply pack up and move elsewhere.They, along with 1.5 million government workers, will soon be headed for the island of Borneo.The rest of Jakarta’s 30 million residents will be abandoned to live in a hugely polluted, impoverished and sinking city.”
President Jokowi, a megalomaniac from the provincial city of Solo (Central Java) is at war with anything socialist. He is fully determined to sell his country to the West. He is getting rid of almost all remaining labor protection laws, and he is inviting Western companies to “invest” in Indonesia, giving them tax holidays and many other incentives. Recently he met President Donald Trump, behaving embarrassingly, like a boy scout, begging him to visit Indonesia, and to invest.
While people all over the world are fighting and dying, trying to defeat outrageous turbo-capitalism, Jokowi is falling head over heels in love with long time discredited Thatcherite and Reaganite dogmas.
People are being robbed of everything, including their land, their environment, as well as public spaces, beaches, rainforests, cities, villages and rivers. And even economy is collapsing.

The UK’s involvement in the Papuan crisis

Capitalism vs. Socialism: A Soho Forum Debate

"Socialism is preferable to capitalism as an economic system that promotes freedom, equality, and prosperity." - Debate between Prof. Richard Wolff and Jean Epstein on Socialism vs Capitalism.

Bolivia Coup Explained

Protests Against Amazon All Over Europe

Huge protests against Amazon in France, Germany, Spain and other parts of Europe for causing overconsumption that destroy the environment, also for its predatory business pricing and inhumane treatment of its employees. If you can, stop buying from Amazon, avoid it altogether. It is that simple if you want to do something for the world we live in.

Police Remove Protesters From Amazon Site in Lyon, France

French Social Security: The Lies of the State (Fake News)

French minister of economy and finance Bruno Le Maire stated on TV that there is a deficit of 5,4 Billions Euro in Social Security(Secu) budget in 2019 and a deficit of 5,1 Billions Euro next year in Secu. In fact in 2019, Social Security or Secu has a surplus of 11 Billions Euro. Along with the pension fund (CSG) of 5 Billions Euro, so total of 16 Billions Euro was actually used to pay the debt caused by the financial crisis (bail out of bankers and others). The financial crisis of subprime mortgages loans in 2008 was not caused by the people but by the incompetence and greed of the bankers and financiers of the world. This is another type of transfer of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the super rich. This is social injustice, a lie and fraud done to French citizens and all other citizens living in France. In a fully functioning democracy, Bruno Le Maire, Macron and his cabinet should be brought to justice for lies, fraud and embezzlement of public funds or taxpayers' hard-working earned money.

Thousands protest against new criminal code in Indonesia

Student Protesters' Demands:
1) Reject Criminal Code bill, mineral mining bill, land bill, correctional procedure bill and labor bill, revoke KPK law and Natural Resources Law,pass sexual violence law and domestic worker law
2) Remove KPK's(Anti Corruption Commission)leaders with shady past who were chosen by House of Representative
3) Ban Indonesian military and National Police officer from holding public office
4) End military occupation in Papua and other regions and an immediate release of political prisoners and activists
5) End criminalization of activists
6) End deforestation and the burning of forests in Kalimantan and Sumatra and sanctions corporations responsible for fires and revoke their business permits
7) Resolve human rights violations and put human right abusers on trial, including those at the highest level of government and give the victims and their families the right for justice

Noam Chomsky for West Papua (2013)