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UPRISING: Goliath Is Not Invincible

UPRISING: Goliath Is Not Invincible

Chávez’s comments from 2005: “Goliath is not invincible. That makes it more dangerous, because as it begins to be aware of its weaknesses, it begins to resort to brute force. The assault on Venezuela, utilizing brute force, is a sign of weakness, ideological weakness.” What Chávez said then mirrors what Franz Fanon wrote in “A Dying Colonialism” (1959): “What we are really witnessing is the slow but sure agony of the settler mentality’ and the ‘radical mutation’ that the revolutionary process produces in the working class. Chavismo is the name of revolutionary energy, of the radical mutation of the personality of the Venezuelan who is no longer willing to bend before the oligarchy or of Washington, D.C., but dignified in the struggle, is unwilling to accept a life of submission.

Nationwide Uprising Against Failed State

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Media Elite Denounce Looting Even as Billionaires Reap Record Profits from Taxpayer-Funded Bailouts

Media Elite Denounce Looting Even as Billionaires Reap Record Profits from Taxpayer-Funded Bailouts

Report from the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) reveals that the looting in Minneapolis pales into insignificance compared with the enormous wealth American’s billionaire class has managed to accrue during the pandemic. In the ten weeks since the nationwide lockdown first began, the group calculates that billionaires have increased their wealth by $485 billion – equal to 16.5 percent. This half-trillion-dollar rise, for Chuck Collins, Director of the IPS’ Program on Inequality and the Common Good, is something close to looting the whole economy.
Some of the biggest winners in the last few weeks, according to the IPS, include Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (up over $34 billion in two months), Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg (up over $25 billion) and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, who increased his already enormous fortune by $8 billion. Meanwhile, Elon Musk, whose California Tesla car plant was closed for months, has seen his net worth increase by almost 50 percent, to over $36 billion. Even in the last week, America’s billionaires’ fortunes have increased by $50 billion.
At the same time, unemployment has surged to over 40 million, and food banks across the country are inundated with customers desperate for anything they can get. Around one third of renters in the United States failed to pay their rent in April and May.

COVID-19: Wall Street Wins Again

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U.S. Lectures World on Human Rights as Cops Kill Blacks With Impunity

U.S. Lectures World on Human Rights as Cops Kill Blacks With Impunity

Evidently, George Floyd was lynched by a white cop on the street of city in broad daylight. The victim’s real “crime” was being black.
Studies of official data consistently show that U.S. black males, proportionate to population, are far more likely to die from encounters with police officers compared with their white counterparts.
The vast majority of cops accused of these kind of racist killings are never prosecuted, or else acquitted.
The shocking truth is that lynching of African-Americans in the U.S. is alive today as it was during the apartheid era of southern states and their Jim Crow segregationist laws which existed within living memory.
The fact is being black in America is a death sentence.
And yet American politicians and media have the audacity to lecture and sanction China, Russia, Cuba, Iran and other countries about human rights.

When It’s Over, Will We Be the Same America?

COVID-19: War on the Working Class

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Washington Attempts to Intimidate Indonesia Not to Buy Russian Weapons

Correspondents from Bloomberg reported that under pressure from Washington, Indonesia will likely refuse to buy Russian and Chinese weapons. A U.S. State Department spokesman informed Bloomberg that the United States had asked all its allies and partners to abandon new contracts to buy Russian military equipment to avoid sanctions under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). This law was signed by U.S. President Donald Trump in the summer of 2017 and has been used to justify Washington’s economic aggression against many states, especially Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.
Indonesia has been a customer of Russian weapons since Achmed Sukarno was the head of the country in the early years of the Cold War. The current administration of Joko Widodo plans to buy 11 Russian Su-35 aircraft, but Washington has made it clear that if that happens, they will impose sanctions against Jakarta.

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